Friday, April 15, 2011

Contest Results...

So, I entered a contest of sorts over at The Adventures of Napkin Doon's blog over the weekend, and my selection showed up yesterday:

It was a fun little deal called "Napkin Doon's Big Fun Game!!!!" where in he set a pick order for the 10 participants, then you had your choice, select a prize from 1-10, or steal a prize that had already been revealed. I should have stole the Diamondbacks Upton prize from door #9 as trade bait for Spankee, but instead chose to select a different door, and ended up with the Topps 2011 young stars lot:  Strasburg, Stanton, Hellickson, Price, Prado and McCutchen from door #6.

Not bad, I got a few more cards I needed for my base set, and had a blast participating. Thanks Doon!
I may have to try this game myself some time.

Have a GReat Weekend.
thanks for reading.

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