Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A quick Trade Post...

So, whilst surfing my blog list last week, on the Thoughts and Sox blog I spied a Halladay up for trade that Things Are Funner Here ** had not claimed yet! But more importantly to my delight, I also spied a Gold Bordered Moyer up for grabs. I quickly laid claim to all the Phillies on the screen, and went to work on a nice little trade offer.
Adam E. did not disappoint, accepting my meager offer...
Fast forward to Saturday, and showing up in the mail:

I now have three of the 5 known versions of the 2011 Moyer (base, gold border, & diamond bedazzled), if you have either the Target throw back or Walmart black-out version (or another that I don't know of), Please contact me as I really want to collect them all.

Thanks for the trade Adam, I'm truly glad to see you settling into your new surroundings, welcome back to the blogosphere as well.

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

** I hope the small jabs at Things Are Funner Here come off as funny, they are intended as such. It seems as though I've been chasing her trade leavings for the last month or so as she has snatched up most Phillies before I've managed to complete some trades. I'm just glad that I do collect other teams and have been able to get some GReat cards for my other PCs through the whole deal. Happy trading everyone.


ThingsareFunnerHere said...

Ha! It's all in good fun. You know, if you let me know what Phils you want, minus the ones in my player collections--I would be willing to send you some cards for sure!

cubsfan731 said...

There's also the black border #'d/60

AdamE said...

Glad you liked them. A post about what I received is scheduled to post tomorrow.