Friday, April 8, 2011

Some recent LCS pick-ups

So, I went by my LCS (the one close to work) the other day looking for some cards to include in a couple trade packages that went out this week. While browsing through the commons boxes, I managed to find a few that fit my PCs, and one that does not, but I could not pass it up!

I love the Fleer Patchworks cards, something about the multi-hued black patches on these cards.. I just like them, I think these are very good looking  cards. I may just have to find a box of these somewhere and see if I can put at least a base set together.

I also like the 2006 Upper Deck Sweet Spot cards, I think they combined some very nice pictures with just the right amount of gold to make another good looking card set. And Mr. Reyes fits in very nice with my players who wear the #7 jersey PC

The one card that I picked up that does not fit my normal stuff is the one in the upper right corner. It is very hard to tell from the scan anything other than the team, Dodgers. It's a Topps Screen Plays clear lenticular action card.

The first one I've seen like this. It's an action shot of a catcher making a running/sliding catch of a pop-up behind the plate. Oh, and the catcher, if you did not know or guess, is Mike Piazza. A very nice addition to my card collection, even if it does not fit a regular category.

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Ryan G said...

Those Topps Screenplays were another failed experiment from Topps in the '90s. I like the set, even if it was overpriced when released.