Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And now for something else completely different...

Whenever Mrs. Dawgbones and I hit our local Target, I always like to hit up the card aisle before we leave.
Especially when they have the "now only $1.59" boxes re-stocked. I really love finding something in the "now only 99 cents box". What I have for you today comes from that box.
I found a couple of the Rock Tags, for a buck I figured I couldn't go wrong. I own several dog tags and enjoy wearing them.
The only drawback I have from this experience is the first two packs I opened where the same tag/sticker combo!! Now, the only thing that could have been worse in my humble opinion is if I'd bought these two packs together. I did not. The first tag was purchased by itself, followed a few days later by a two pack purchase from a different Target. Needless to say, if anyone is interested in the duplicates (I do intend to pick up a few more if and when I find them) just let me know.
Without further delay, I share with you:
Kiss, the Rock Tags...

The Starchild is not a bad start to this little adventure, I've included a scan of the back of the tag in this picture since I have two of them. Apparently the stickers are collated with the tags, cause I ended up with two of the Hotter Than Hell stickers as well!

I do find it a little odd that the 1975 tag would come paired with a 2008 sticker!

I also include the checklist if you care:

I would not mind getting the letter tags but that would take more luck than I'm used to seeing!
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Have a GReat day!

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The Lost Collector said...

Reminds me of the movie "Role Models"!