Monday, November 28, 2011

Are you from Jersey?

Nope, me, I'm still from Philly...
But these cards, they are from Jersey, courtesy of Paul. A very generous blog reader, Paul contacted me a couple weeks ago, asking for some help with his 2010 Upper Deck set. I managed to find and send him 1 of the 2 base cards he needed, along with several inserts for that set. In return, he sent me several cards off of my want lists, filling in holes from several of my incomplete sets.
The tiny brown bubbler contained the following:

Love the Mantle from '07, nice looking card. With the Omar Vizquel and the 3 minis, I now only need 1 base card and 6 Kimballs from Series 1, YAY!!
I am now lacking only card 213-Brandon Snyder, KC-2 Derek Jeter, KC-10 Ichiro, KC-32 Alex Rios, KC-37 Stephen Strasburg, KC-39 CC Sabathia, and KC-46 Mel Ott to complete the sets I want from Series 1, Thanks for the help Paul.
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat week!

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paulie3jobs said...

Your welcome and I'm glad I could help. I'll keep checking back.