Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Challenge from Fuji...

The San Jose Fuji has laid down a small challenge today, you can read his take here. He has asked that we share some of our favorite photography. Aside from many of the 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" photos provided me through pack purchases, I also have many other photos that I love.
The one picture that I have bought and framed in my computer room is this one:

I just fell in love with the image and had to have it, wanting it professionally printed to last.
I've always taken way to many pictures of where ever I happen to be at the time, I always try to take my camera, cause you never know what you'll find.

Just 1 of the "10,000" lakes in Minnesota

Lucky, a Minnesota farm cat.

And then there's my "kids":

This is Seven, my first dog, shot with an older digital camera.
Kaylee, and one of my favorite shots of my oldest pup.

Kaylee and her sister Abby, who is no longer with us

Abby, The Boo, such a neat soul, wrapped in such a tiny package, gone too soon.

Kaylee, my original Pepper Pup, eager to please.

a great still shot of Kaylee in my back yard, I was trying to get her to sit on the rock pile, but she wouldn't!

One of the first soccer ball shots of Willow

Another of the soccer ball shots.

A beautiful shot of my beautiful Fred, such a good girl.

and this last one has got to be my absolute favorite, I've printed this one and it is framed on my desk at work, not really great positioning or composition, but the sunlight playing off of Willow's brindle coat combine with the POP of the blue soccer ball, I was very pleased with the way this photo turned out.

The great thing about these pictures, except for the moon shot, they are all mine. I may post others from time to time now that Fuji has planted the seeds for such a GReat idea.

Thanks for peeking, and for a GReat idea Fuji!
Have a GReat day!

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Fuji said...

Huge fan of your dog photos... my best friend has a Berner who is so photogenic. I think my favorite would have to be the photo of Kaylee & Abby on the bench... looks like something from a calendar.

By the way... I've never seen that moon shot, but holy crap... that's awesome!