Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vacation Finds 2011 Part 1

Today's second helping is a little treasure I found on the road.
As a few folks have found out, over the last few weeks I've been on vacation. I managed to take a short road trip over a week, followed by another week spent around my hometown.

Whilst on the road, we stop at various places, including fuel stops, one of which was a Pilot truck stop.
My job during these stops is to fuel the Jeep and clean the windows, not leaving me a whole lot of time to look around inside. I performed my duties, then popped inside for a fresh cup of coffee and a soda for the road. On my way out the door, I spied this little beauty by the exit door:

very interesting article on the Flyin Hawaiian, and way odd to be on the Kentucky/Tennessee border. This is actually an extra copy if anyone is interested, please note there is a slight blemish on the upper left corner, where it appears that the staples for the copy on top of this one rubbed it a bit.

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