Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Blogger Generosity...

...and a small confession. I am late with this post as I received these cards before I left for vacation. And though I've promised reciprocation, I've yet to find something to send back yet. but don't worry Kyle, I will find something. (I am planning a trip by my LC this saturday after work to see if they have anything interesting...

Yet, I digress...

Today's second helping is indeed, more blogger generosity. I was contacted by Kyle, over at the aptly titled blog,  Juust a Bit Outside. He let me know of a few cards from my want lists that could be had for something I could determine after I received the cards in the mail. Not being a complete idiot (some parts are missing), I said hell yeah, sendem on over!
Well, he did, and I haven't, yet, but I will. Here is what he sent me:

I absolutely love the minis, even though I have no way of displaying them properly, How do you guys file these away? The 9 card pages don't work well for me with these.

and that Rollins/Utley duo is too cool! I am only attempting to complete the Kimballs set from this year's inserts offering, but will definitely add the team cards to their appropriate binder.

Thanks for the trade Kyle,
and don't worry, I'll find something to send back your way here soon.
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat night.

Oh, and by the by, go on over and check Kyle's blog out, he's trying to fill an 8 box break, and the teams are REALLY reasonably cheaply priced for what he's offering up.

I'm in for the Phillies, but there are many GReat teams still available.

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Stealing Home said...

you say the usual 9 pocket page doesnt work for the minis? i decided to chase stars from that set myself. maybe they would look better in those mini albums. ive seen those on the card shelf at walmart. looks like they hold 4 pockets. i'll bet a set in a binder like that will look cool.