Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hey, Updates Shorted me!!

But at least they did it in style!! Short prints that is. In all of 2010, I think I managed to pull 1 short printed card, and felt totally awesome about it. Here in 2011, I've pulled a few short prints, I think 1 each from series 1 and 2. My favorite has still got to be Mr. Roberts:

Then along comes Update, and now I have 6, 3 from Updates and 3 from Series 1&2 (pulled from Updates). I've noticed a trend from Updates on these short prints, and don't think these are as "short printed" as short prints should be. But that's ok, cause I love them just the same!

The Walker is the first I pulled, quickly noticing the Expos logo (odd for a 2011 issue). Then I pulled the Greenberg Bronzed Bedazzled Liquorfractor (I'm too sure I just butchered Spankee's new phrase) followed by the rest. The last one I pulled last week is the Rizzuto diamond parallel, which looks GReat in this format. The bedazzled cards are Series 1&2 parallels, while the bottom three carry the US card numbering from the Updates series.

Thanks for reading everybody,
Have a GReat weekend!

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