Saturday, October 8, 2011

3 seperate Updates...

3 Updates for a second posting today:

An update to the Updates, another rack pack of 2011 Updates: (on a side note, I am collecting this base set, and attempting the minis, but any non-team PC specific extras and bedazzled parallels are available for trade)

Nothing special from the code card, but I did get my second short print of 2011, a Montreal Expos Larry Walker, card #195.

Still no Phillies, their absence was also felt last night!

Congratulations to the Cardinals, I've said all year, the best pitching staff in baseball doesn't mean SQUAT if you can't hit the $%#$^ BALL!

I probably won't be watching this year's series now. I'm obviously disappointed with the outcome of last night's game (once again, the best regular season team is eliminated from the play-offs!), I'd like to root for the Brewers, but I just can't bring myself to root for Nyger Morgan, I do not like him as a person because of his attitude towards the fans. I could have really gotten behind the D-Backs, but tis not to be this year.

and on a sad note, an update to yesterday's post. My sister's BFF of over 30 years lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer yesterday afternoon. I am relieved that my adopted sister is no longer hurting, but my mother, sister, adopted nieces and their father should not have to face this experience this early in life.

There is indeed another angel in heaven today, gone too soon, and dearly missed by all who knew her. Rest in Peace Cheryl, you fought courageously for the last 10 months, we love you and you will be forever young in our hearts.

Cheryl Cofer-Maresca 12/25/65~10/07/11

Thanks for everything guys,
Have a GReat weekend, and go hug everybody you love, Life is just too short.

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