Thursday, October 6, 2011

Surprises from Phellow Phillies Phreaks...

Last night, I received a surprise in my snailbox. (I'm composing this on Saturday, even though it won't post until mid-week).

I get home after a rather long Friday at work, to find an envelope from California? A name I recognize right away, Dan, though I've not had contact with him in a while (outside the usual blog reading at any rate).

What could possibly be in here? I know it'll be good. Heck, I've not received anything from the blogosphere that hasn't been good!!

I open the envelope to find:
Wow, what a GREat, no, bullshit on that, it was an awesome sight!!
What appears to be an almost complete Phililes team set from this year's Topps Lineage:

plus a bazillion and 1 minis of the Kimball variety for that set!

Holy Crap on a stick, he's single handedly knocked the snot out of that want list!!

Thanks for the surprise Dan, really made my night!!

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

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