Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Everybody, I'm a burgerlar today...

Cause I'm so stealing this idea from Things are Funner Here. She wrote a post today on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cards she'd picked up a while back, showcasing the new Mike TeeVee auto card as well as a few others from that set.

It reminded me of a weekend from my far distant past, but toward a more distinct intro:

I liked the remake of this particular movie and really think Johnny Depp did a wonderful job with the character. But nothing compares to the original...

But you ain't getting into this post without the proper ticket...

and everybody knows, it's a Golden Ticket you're after for this tour...

why, looky here, it's just the thing, a golden ticket, signed by both Julie Dawn Cole and Paris Themmen, the original Mike TeeVee and none other than Veruca Salt herself!!

Mrs Dawgbones and I had the opportunity to meet them at the oceanfront here in Virginia Beach. They both signed an 8x10 photo for her as well. they were genuinely nice people and spent a good deal of time talking with the fans that came out to meet them.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane there Julie. And sorry for the thievery.
Stay safe tonight gang,
Have a GReat Halloween!

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