Tuesday, October 18, 2011

OK Topps, WTH!!!

So, I've been buying Rack Packs and what not of 2011 Topps Update and I'm currently down to needing only 43% to finish off the base cards for this set. I don't particularly mind the parallels, and I even like the new "Cognac" bedazzled cards, kinda peeved that it's another parallel for the series I and II also, but as I'm not really chasing anything outside the Phillies parallels and inserts (except for the Kimball Champions) that is not such a problem for me.

I bought a hanger pack from Target the other night, and really like the red bordered Target specials, I'm sure the Phillies are going to look awesome on the red (or Wally World blue) cards, so that's another "chase" for me. I did manage to snag another code card for the diamond giveaway, which brings me to today's rant:

I've got 27 cards in my virtual collection, which contains 3 Diamond Die cut cards. Not too shabby, even though the third unlocked card was a duplicate from last year's transmogrifier (I will not be having that one shipped this time!). And I don't even really mind the 1st checklist card I unlocked, a 1978 Angels, card #214, if you are an Angels fan, it would be a nice addition to that PC.

I don't mind the semi-overabundance of junk wax cards, for a chance at a 1959 Jerry Lynch.

I do however, take some GReat exception to the 1974 Checklist card that I unlocked with my hanger pack redemption.

REALLY!! What a load of horse puckey!!! Not even a picture on the damned thing, no floating heads, no nothing. Shoot, I'm real surprised this one survived the bicycle spokes of someone's youth at this point.
Hell, there ain't even a nifty cartoon on the back either, no stats, no nothing. what a friggin waste of time and code. My blog posts, which ain't worth the two cents it takes most folks to read everyday, are worth ten times what this stupid card is worth!! And my luck, they'd send me the mis-cut version pictured too!
(I am NOT having this one sent, unless someone is building this set and needs it/wants to trade for it)

Really Topps, What the Hell??
I now return you to your previous, boring card posts...
Have a GReat night!


The Lost Collector said...

That's crap. A checklist with a floating head like in the late '60s, ok. But a plain old boring checklist? C'mon man!

Kyle4KC said...

Ok, today I was offered 75 cards for my Diamond Diecut Maris and the first thing I thought was why would I pay all that shipping for those cards? Last year I won a '61 Rizzuto (along with 3 million other people) and they kept telling me they were out of stock?! In May I got a 1952 Topps common in the mail and a note that it was a substitute. I know I'm ahead "book value" but how do you win something they don't even have? The contest could be fun, but Topps kinda screws everything up.
BTW, I traded you a ring you were wanting today. Congradulations! ; )