Saturday, October 8, 2011

A miscellaneous pack post...

I picked up a pack of Americana last week: what did I get?
a few people I've never heard of, some that I have heard of, and a burned out shooting star. I love these Americana cards, even though I am not getting many actors that I know, or like!!

Lorna Luft, who's biggest credit seems to be her mother, legendary Judy Garland. Though I vaguely remember maybe seeing Luft in Trapper John, M.D.

Jill-Michelle Melean, who's biggest roles are in stuff I've never wanted to watch. Damn, she looks so familiar though???
Then, as I am cleaning up my cards and filing them away, I find this:

No wonder she looks so familiar, this one is from 2009, is a much more flattering photo, and has an almost identical write-up on the back! Now, I've only bought about 4 of these packs altogether, to get the same person from two different years! Go figure!

Then, we have Fred:

No, not you Fred. This Fred...

Fred Gregory, Spankee (of My Cardboard Mistress), would know this Fred, as he's been on several space shuttle missions, including piloting Challenger before her demise. And as commander on Discovery and Atlantis. I love the shuttles and was very sad at their retirement.

OK, which Baldwin am I?? There are just way too many of you guys to keep straight. Today, we have Stephen. I know him best from his role in 1996's Fled. And I do have to admit, just like Sara Palin, Stephen is my favorite Baldwin brother.

and lastly, what do you do when you hit the big time, with a hugely successful blockbuster hit to your credit? You either continue to be a bright shining star, or in the case of the other Corey, you hit the skids, ending up succumbing to your demons. I liked Corey Haim, he was a damned fine actor that just didn't seem to know how to handle his fame. Like so many others, those that often burn brightest, also burn shortest.

Thanks for reading,
have a GReat weekend!!


(...Joe) said...

Fred seems to be in deep thought. He's FURocious!

dawgbones said...

@Joe, She's furocious. That's Winifred B. Blondiebear. We call her Fred for short. Got the idea from the T.V. show Angel, there was a character on that show named Winfred Burkle, they called her Fred. Thanks for the comment, I do love my girls, and Fred's a real sweetie!!