Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Pack a day...

Up for the next few weeks, the third and final box of cardboard goodness from Baseball Card Exchange, and once again, I tell you, check them out, especially if you are looking for GReat bargains at really GReat prices.

The third box of cards is from 1995, I'd been out of school for almost tenyears at that point (high scholl, that is!). It is Upper Deck's 1995 Minor League Baseball. It holds 36 packs of cards, with 12 cards per foil pack.

I have set the posts for this box on auto-pilot as my vacation season is once again here and I may or may not be in contact with my blog whilst I am wandering. If you see anything that strikes your fancy, comment or hit up my inbox and I'm sure we can work something out.

I just love the minor leagues, from the small home-town atmosphere to the Logos, you just can't beat a night at the ballpark, watching small-town heroes work on their shot at the Big-Time!

Pack 1:

Well, that's a very good start, two Top Phillies Prospects!! Scott Rolen and Carlton Loewer!

This should be a very fun product to break.
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