Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blogger Generosity and a GReat #

Got an envelope in yesterday's mail, from Morgan, over at Silver Slugger. I got an email last week looking to trade for some cards from my want list. Thanks to generosity from other bloggers recently, my want list had grown a lot shorter, but there were still two offered cards that I still needed. Upon learning that I only need the 2, Morgan gladly dropped them in the mail, along with a couple others for my PCs.

A Twin, a Sawx, Mr. Shilling and a Cubbie wearing the #17!! Thanks for the cards Morgan, I will keep my eyes peeled for something to send back your way soon.

On another side note today, every now and then I peek at my counter, and this week I was keeping track as I was nearing the 10,000 mark, well, I passed that sometime this morning, but that counter was sitting pretty at:

What an awesome number!! Today is going to be a GReat day!! Not counting the zeros, I got me either a #7 or #17!!

Hope your is too!

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