Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Non-Trade Trade post...

Actually, this is the first of three. A while back, Matthew over at Number 5 Type Collection, posted a plea for assistance on his blog (you should really check his blog out, by the way) concerning his 1973 Topps collection. No, he was not looking to fill the set out, he was looking to rid himself of the excess from filling his set.

He posted a simple request, for those attempting their own sets, send him a needs list and he'd fill it out as best as he could. My request, as I am currently not collecting the '73 set, was to conclude everyone's needs, then send me a Phillies set from the rest.

Well, as with a lot of things lately, after posting this request, I promptly forgot about it!
Two email reminders for an address later, I get a rather thick PWE in the mail, lo and behold:

1973 Phillies

very cool, thanks for the '73s Matthew, they'll be an awesome addition to my Phillies binder.

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