Sunday, February 6, 2011

2008 Upper Deck MasterPieces

3 packs, 4 Cards per pack, plus a Yankee Stadium Legacy card, for a total of 15 cards:
Roy Halladay - Phillies ( er... I mean Jays)
Brooks Robinson - Orioles
Curt Schilling - Red Sox
Derrek Lee - Cubs
Gary Sheffield - Tigers

Jonathan Papelbon - Red Sox
Justin Morneau - Twins
Justin Upton - Diamondbacks
Mariano Rivera - Yankees

Matt Holliday - Rockies
Pedro Martinez - Mets
Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies

YSL-120 Bob Meusel
YSL-225 Waite Hoyt
YSL-624 Tony Lazzeri

Cool, 10 keepers out of 3 packs, what a lucky break!
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hiflew said...

I am starting to love this set. Any chance that Holliday is up for trade?

If so, email me at hiflew @ yahoo(dot)com. Maybe we could work out a bigger trade.

cubsfan731 said...

I hate to be so picky, but it's actually Derrek Lee.

dawgbones said...

Thanks for keepen me honest there J. Apparently, R's were expensive today, could only afford 1 until now!!