Friday, February 25, 2011

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...CLICK!!!

You know, sometimes things just don't click right away. I got an email out of the blue, from Ron, over at Section 36. He generously offered to send me some cards from my want lists.
A package shows up at my house yesterday from him. He hit several inserts from my Updates list, as well as several cards from my 2011 lists.

Then he threw in a few Phillies cards that I do not have, plus one that I'll end up with three of shortly!!

The Then and Now is cool, and it hits both my Phillies and my Yankees PCs!! That Twins card is hilarious, it could go one of two ways, the pitcher and catcher are talking stuff that they don't want the other team knowing... or they could be shooting the bull about last night's Survivor episode!!
Who really knows...

The '92 Fleer Ultra Curt Schilling card is pretty cool, I scanned the back only cause it was difficult to tell at first which side was the back. The Platinum Utley is very nice. I've included a scan of the Target Throwback backs in this picture.

 The 1987 Topps Mike AllStar Schmidt card is too funny. This is the first one I have in my PC (1st one "in hand" but 3rd one overall). I traded Play at the Plate what I believed at that time were a bunch of Million Card cards that I was not going to have shipped (during his little MCG card contest), for... a 1987 Topps Mike Schmidt AllStar, which I decided to have shipped last Monday. I "pulled" a second one in Benny's Ragu break last Tuesday, out of one of his over-production packs! Too funny, now I'm not going to stop with these three, if you have one, send it too me, hell, if you have ten, BIP me with'em. I'm going to fill as many pages with this card as I can find. I'll even start a side bar counter on my blog when I get a full page's worth.

Wow, pictured below the 1987 Topps Mike AllStar Schmidt is another card from my "Introduction to Baseball" moment. I wrote about the first one of these here. This card depicts the same play of the '09 World Series, game 4. And also clearly shows the number 7 on Feliz's jersey, Too cool!!

And now, to explain the title of today's post:

Ron throws me for a small loop, including at first what I see is an Atlanta Braves card. Anybody who's a true Phillies fan knows that the Braves were the thorn in the Phillies side last season so I did not understand at first why this card was included. Then...  ...Click. I inspect the card a little closer and realize it hits one of my secondary collections too well. My off-center, mis-cut cards collection. Looking at this card made me laugh like hell. If it were cut any more off-center, it would have been the next card on the damned sheet. Too funny, and a very nice fit for my sub-category!!

Thanks for the cards Ron, I am going to take a little time with a return package cause I want to find something nice to send you back.

Thanks for the cards,
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend, I'll be working again,
on a side note, I just noticed the Page views has hit 1968, the year I was born, very nice...

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