Sunday, February 27, 2011

Contest Results from way back...

Way back in January, that is.
back in January, the fines folks over at the Community Gum, held a contest based around their first anniversary. Long story short here, I was the third prize winner. I say third, but I DON'T THINK SO!
I don't know, you be the judge.

The following is from Andy's original post, here.

Winner #1
Matt H.
This one was a softball (for us, not Matt). In honor of our 1st anniversary, Matt H. wins for having the 1st post on our anniversary contest post!

He won the following jersey card and base cards:

Winner #2
A semi-softball.  Gokings wins because he was the 12th comment on our post!
He won the following:

That's a pretty schweet jersey/patch/loose thread card, in what Andy calls, "arguably the most coveted prize of the package in the sweet Paul Pierce patch."

the third winner was me.

Winner #3
Frequent CG commenter and trade partner Dawgbones is our third and final winner because his lengthy and awesome comment happened to contain the 365th word posted in the comments.
for which I received the following:

Now everyone knows I don't follow any sports other than baseball, and the occasional NASCAR race here and there. So I figure I'll have another card to use as trade bait when it arrives. Off I go to Pannini America's website, fill out the required information (could not be easier to accomplish) and sit back to wait... I check once or twice, then totally forget about it until last Monday, when I receive an email stating that a package has been mailed. Fast forward to Saturday, open the snail-mail box to discover a bubbler from none other than Pannini America.

Here is where I beg to differ with Andy's fine post concerning the order of winners...
I pop open the envelope to reveal my Rookie Recruits Silver Signature card of Mr. Derrick Favors, probably a sticker auto on a cheesey card that nobody will trade me the time of day for, right?

Not even close!! I pull out a very nice card, with what looks like a piece of white shoe leather (could be basketball hide, don't know for sure), with a very nice auto, signed in blue pen, and it's numbered  17 out of 25. My lucky number.

Definitely a keeper for me and what I feel is the best prize to come out of that contest.
You be the judge here. What do you think?

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day,

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Play at the Plate said...

Anyone that gets anything with Josh Howard on it can't be considered a winner! You could get high just touching that card. I like the Pierce relic the best (sorry!) just because the auto design is awful.