Thursday, February 17, 2011

a Trade from up North Eh!

Got an email earlier this year about a possible trade from across the border with one of my loyal blog readers, B. Matts. he offered up some Updates for my set, and threw in some extras for my Phillies PC as well, in return for some of my "up for grabs" cards from some of my pack breaks. After filling out the appropriate paperwork for exporting anything beyond a letter from our fair shores, a package was dispersed to the Niagra area, and I received the following cards in last Friday's mail:

an '07 Bowman Heritage Freddy Garcia

3 Topps Chromiums :
'98 Gregg Jeffries Phillies, '09 Cole Hamels Phillies, '09 Cliff Lee Indians

and 2 Jim Bunning Phillies from '05 Upper Deck Classics and the '03 Topps Gallery

Thanks for the trade Brian, it did not take that long to get here from there, but it cost a few pennies more for your end of the trade. Hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for reading,
have a GReat day!

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Brian said...

And Thank You, Richard for finishing off my 2008 Upper Deck X base set and filling some holes in the diecut set. It was an enjoyable & appreciated trade.

I raise a glass to future trades...Brian