Saturday, February 5, 2011

More trading with the Troll...

So, in looking through the want lists of one of my favorite reads, I discover that I have several cards for the Troll at the Plate. And he, in turn, had several cards that I could use. Well, several turned out to be an understatement of the facts! As the bubbler that hit my snailbox the other day was busting at the seems with many cards for my update set. I'd list them all, but I'd end up with Typer's cramps with the effort:

He also, threw in some extras. Some 2004 National Trading Card Day cards, 2 Pitchers and a Hitter for my Phillies PC, some Fleer Fall Classics.

Loving the Tris Speaker Indians card.

 and I just love this card for some reason, maybe the whole Play at the Plate thing is rubbin off on me??!!

But, perhaps the true highlight of this trade package were the postcards that came sliding out of the Manilla Ether! TOO COOL!!

Lovin the "Hugs & Slugs", and I'm putting the last postcard in twice, just in case the first version stays behind the other two like my preview button shows! (cool effect if it stays that way, don't know how I did that though?)

If you have not traded with the Troll, what are you waiting for, I've seen nothing but good stuff come out of Florida!!

Thanks Troll,
Awesome package!
Have a GReat day,

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Collective Troll said...

I always have a GReat day! Thank you! BTW Plays at the Plate are impossible to resist! Cheers!