Thursday, February 3, 2011

My first two 2011 Topps

As they were the only thing available at my frequently frequented Target, I bought 2 single packs of the new 2011 Topps.

I am impressed with the overall design but am undecided as to trying for this complete set.

I am leaning towards joining some groups breaks and collecting some team cards this year instead of whole sets.

I have joined two so far, the first is over at Cardboard Collections, and is very affordable, with teams starting @ $6 for the D-backs, and other teams $9 or 2 for $16.

The other break is going to happen over at the Buffet, where BA Benny is attempting to rival Topps themselves by breaking a million packs of cards (or at least it seems that way!!) with his first group break attempt. His break is also very affordable considering the sheer amount and variety being offered, at $25 per team choice (1 MLB + 1 NFL).

And now, back to my pack break:
Although I have not pulled any yet, the new diamond parallels (look Spankee, I got the right amount of L's, and they are in the right place!) and mini cards in this year's Topps are very nice and I may look at chasing these down, at least the Philadelphia versions.

I really like the change in the Toppstown cards, the blue refractive-styled background, combined with moving the code to the obverse really improves the overall look of this insert.

So, what did I get for my first packs of 2011:

T60-20 Manny Ramirez - White Sox
#410 60 Years of Topps Al Kaline - Tigers
TT-40 ToppsTown Buster Posey - Giants
#49 - Angels Team Card
#176 - Daniel Hudson - D-backs
#196 - Andres Torres - Giants
#236 - Nelson Cruz - Rangers
#242 - Brad Lidge - Phillies
#311 - James Shields - Rays

 My first Phillie for 2011, the Lidge card is pretty neat.

RDT9 - Honus Wagner - Pirates
T60-1 - Ryan Howard - Phillies

TT-48 ToppsTown Troy Tulowitzki - Rockies
#64 - Yorvit Torrealba - Padres
#78 - Mike Stanton - Marlins
#103 - Cliff Lee - Rangers
#134 - League Leaders Gonzalez, Votto, Infante
#219 - Carlos Ruiz - Phillies
#240 - Andre Ethier - Dodgers

#327 - Cristian Guzman - Rangers
#149 - David Aardsma - Mariners
#224 - Milton Bradley - Mariners
#296 - John Buck - Jays
#314 - RyanKalish - Red Sox
#324 - Red Sox Team Card

and I even pulled two of those nifty Anti-Theft Security patch cards (the scan really does not do justice to these)! I'll make somebody a real good deal on those if you are interested!!

Not too shabby, 4 Phillies and 10 overall keepers if I decide against this set.
The Mariners are already promised to Emerald City Diamond Gems for their 2011 team set.

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!


cubsfan731 said...

Nice to see Andres Torres with a base card. The Kalish is nice too-if I pull that one, it's going on Card Cameos.

Colbey said...

Whether you decide to build the set or not you have to agree that this year's base design is head and shoulders above last year's.

Greg Zakwin said...

Can you throw the Manny on my pile? And the Ethier, if you decide against putting the base set together?