Thursday, February 24, 2011

Something Wicked this way came...

 I recently contacted the Wicked One about a possible trade, if you have been looking for him, he's moved over to Blogger dot Com, here: My Past time... I Love It.

I soon discovered that I did not have a whole lot of stuff that he did not already posess. He told me he would send me a bunch of "hated" Phillies, and I could find something for him later. Well, he must really hate the Phillies, cause I think he tried his damnedest to rid the state of Florida of every Phillies card he could find. The package that arrive earlier this week was AWESOME!

The Halladay is from the 2011 Topps, I like some of the Ticket to Stardom cards, some of the pictures could have been better in this set though, Mr. Utley kinda looks like Mister Peanut in this shot.

The faces of the game look great, even without being a relic. My Mini collection is really growing, How do you guys keep these? Do they make smaller card pages for these? I pulled a Roy Oswalt Kimbals from a Wally World rack pack this morning. I like the grey border TR cards. Looks like Mr. Ibanez is pulling off the Planters look now!!

A bunch of Goudeys and a Taguchi joins the pile here:

Looks like I don't need any Phillies for the '08 Opening Day set that I'm trying to put together. I'm really growing wearey of seeing Rowand in this particular pose, whether he's in a Phillies uniform or not. Look close, the Opening day card is cropped from the other... or is it??

I really like the hologram cards, Wicked included a couple of these, as well as several shiny chromes and two Masterpiece cards, I love the Utley in this set.
A couple of pitchers, along with a slugger - Richie Allen (I was richie for most of my life, prior to starting my working career)

New Phils, old Phils, and not 1, or 2, but at least 3 Schmidts in the pile now!

Looks like Christmas with all the green borders for my red Phillies on the Score Select cards.

Thanks for the cards Wicked, I've put together a box that will be headed your way by Saturday at the latest. Mrs. Dawgbones had some pity for my overtime schedule and is trying to get by the post office before she goes to work this week for us. (I'm also sending mailers to Flywheels, "O", No, and My Cardboard Mistress, trying to clear out the Blog Trading Box, so look for them)

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Have a GReat day!

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AdamE said...

Yes they do make pages for mini cards, 15 card pages.