Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cards from Cam

Been meaning to post a couple of trade packages that I recently received in the mail. The problem is my scanner, I've torn apart my computer room to make way for a new desk, and in the meantime, do not have ready access to my scanner. But in the interest of THANKS, I'm going to forge ahead with at least the first one.

Sometime last month, I got an email from Cam, over at the Bullpen Cardboard, a self proclaimed Astros Freak, he wanted to work up a trade for any spare Houstons that I may have had just lying around. I put together a bubble mailer, not knowing that it included his "#1 Most wanted card", which turned out to be his 90th Hunter Pence card.

Well, his return package was a bubble mailer stuffed with a bunch of Phillies, Twins, D-backs, and Yankees cards for my PCs, along with 1 oddity. I'd list the cards that he sent but I don't have that much time available. Instead, I snuck at work and scanned some of my favorites to show off. There were so many cards, it was difficult to select just a few for scanning.

 I just love those Big Head cards, it SO suits some of these players SO well!
that top center Minnesota card is one of my favorites, it's just a good looking card.

The cards on the left side got cut off, like I said, my scanner is not available.

Anywhoo, the oddity is that card in the upper right corner of the first picture.

Now, just like most New York Baseball team fans that do not collect that "OTHER" New York team whichever it may happen to be, I do not collect that "other" Philadelphia team, you know, the one that moved out west to Oakland in the year of my birth, 1968.

But this particular card fits with another of my recent acquisitions: the Presidential First Pitch card that I blogged about here. That card talks about the first pitch of the year for 1929, a game won by the Athletics over the Senators. This card talks about the 1st baseman for the World series champs for 1929, the Philadelphia Athletics, Jimmie Foxx.

It's a 2009 Topps Ring of Honor card #RH87. It also has the old school mascot logo for the A's on it as well, a white elephant, I collect interesting elephant figurines that I find here and there. So I may now dedicate that particular page in my PC binder to the 1929 Philadelphia Athletics, so I now need 7 more cards for this one, THANKS CAM!!

and on a more serious note,
Thanks for the trade Cam, good job on a nice selection of cards,
Thanks for reading,

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