Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 Allen & Ginter, pack 1

I have bought 3 packs of '11 A&G over the last week and a half, in two separate purchases. Pack 1 out of the three, purchased in-DUH!-vidually:

not a bad start, I got the Alcatraz mini (very cool) and a Floating Fortress (my Marine design career also says very cool) and a Sabathia for my Yankees PC.

Not too shabby, until I notice the badly creased Laroche card, here's a closer look:

Really?!, and this card was the "top" card in the pack!! What do you think? I'm thinking I'm the victim of a pack searcher, considering the other cards in the pack were pristine!! Hope he got shafted too!!

Don't know about this A&G fever thing... the damaged goods, so far, it's not looking like a very good start.

Have a GReat week!!

on a brighter note, Mrs. Dawgbones and I are going to a first run movie tonight (doesn't happen very often!) I hope Cowboys vs Aliens is as good as the commercials!! Then again, Han Solo was always a semi-decent Gunslinger!!

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Collective Troll said...

I got shafted with ALL the packs I bought at Target... I have a very similar looking creased Laroche card... IT happens every year when I try and buy Ginter at Target. I should learn my lesson...