Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Custom Card set Consolation Prize...

Way back near the beginning of summer, I entered a contest over a the Chronicles of Fuji.

What began as an answer to one question, Who wants to win some cards?, and a half-hearted attempt at snagging a calling card became a quest.

An over two month long quest to remain atop the standings, and thus, securing enough points to place among the prize package selection set.

At the end of it all, I bounced around at the top of the standings, and would have be securely in 1st place, if I had not missed 1 crucial contest within a contest. Having been on travel that week for my company, I did not participate, which cost me two points, the brutally honest truth, had I answered this challenge, I would have gained 7 points which would have placed me solidly in 1st overall!

As it was, I finished 2nd to Martyn overall, and did not place at all in the selection process (curiously, neither did Martyn!!) Not wanting to dismiss this fact altogether, Fuji decided that mine and Martyn's efforts were not to be fruitless, and cobbled together consolation prizes for us both. Mine showed up last week in the mail, I got a very nice customized card set, consisting of 17 cards:

Now, I know what you are thinking, this is just a bunch of cards for my PCs, and there are only 15 cards here. And you may have been right except for two crucial additions. Any good card set comes with a checklist of cards that comprise the set:

and any GReat card set features long sought after insert cards and autographs, as is also the case here:

Now, truth be know, the only reason I initially entered this contest was the guaranteed shot at attaining one of the San Jose Fuji cards, but I ended up having an absolute blast competing for points and other fun stuff along the way. Not only did I acquire my Fuji card, I feel as though I also made a good friend along the way.

Thanks for reading, and oh, by the way,

"Domo Arigato Fuji-san!"

I absolutely love my card set, what a GReat prize!!
Have a GReat day!!

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