Saturday, August 6, 2011

TTM, the Failure...

Well, this is truly a sad tale with the proverbial Fairy Tale ending.
Once upon a time... blah, blah, blah.
I wanted to try my hand at some TTM (Through The Mail autographing for those new folk). I chose a hall of famer for my first attempt, one with a proven track record of success. Bobby Doerr signed and returned a ROMLB in about 14 days. and it is a very nice addition to my small ball collection:

I wanted to choose a Phillie for my next attempt, more specifically, my favorite Phillies pitcher, Jamie Moyer. By the time I got my act together and ready to send, Mr. Moyer was let go from the Phils and I did not have an address that I felt was good enough for an attempt. Then Jamie went out for Tommy John's and I did not have a clue what to do now.

Along comes Justin, from over at Just in Justin's World. He and I were involved in a group break over at Dan's Other World, in which I naturally took my Phillies. Justin was interested in a Jim Bunning double from the break and would find me something for it later. I agreed and then explained the Moyer situation to him, he sets off on his semi-elaborate hunting expedition. Returning a day later with a southern Florida address, along with a friendly warning, "Send a card or two here and see what happens first, before wasting a baseball."

So, I take his advice, selecting several cards from my Moyer PC. Pop them in an envelope with a SASE and a very nice letter. and wait... about a week and a half goes by, and I get my envelope back in the mail, containing all my cards and a short note from the owner/occupant of the address, "Not at this address".
Now, I think it's awesome that the person that opened my attempt took the time not only to let me know I did not have the right address, but also sent my cards back!

Well damn, that didn't work, but, at least I got my cards back, and now know for sure that that address is not the place to send a ROMLB!! So, if you are all about the negative,and wanting to read about the failure from the post title, we are done, go about the rest of your day and have a GReat weekend.

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend,

You're still here? I figured a few of you might stick around.
Looking for the promised Fairy Tale ending, aren't you?

Okey Dokey then. I am nothing if not sympathetic to the Fariy Tale minded amongst us. A few weeks go by and I get an email from Justin, reminding me that he still owes me for the Bunning card, and another address to try for Moyer. This time, ESPN studios. Well, with some short internet hunting, I discover that Mr. Moyer is, indeed, working for ESPN as an analyst.

Well, that settles it, a few weeks later, I buy a ROMLB, and send it off to Bristol, Connecticut on July 18th. Now, we wait, again.

Having mostly forgotten about the preceding, I get home last night, and halfway through dinner, Mrs. Dawgbones informs me that I got two packages in the mail... Oh, and one of them is that baseball you bought!! Really, you didn't tell me as soon as I got home!! Well, about 10 seconds later, I am ripping open an envelope with familiar handwriting on it, to reveal:

A very nice, signed ROMLB from my favorite pitcher!! Too frickin cool for words!!! And it only took 17 days. That's outstanding!! I've heard of people that have waited years for TTMs. And here I've gotten two back in less than the average time it normally takes for one.

Mr. Moyer, if you should happen across this blog post, I truly appreciate the autograph. It's going to look awesome up on the shelf next to my Doerr, Thomas, and Hunter baseballs. I really hope you make a complete recovery and return to the mound next year.

And, Justin, as I mentioned yesterday, you owe me nothing for the Bunning card that you got earlier, and I'm going to put some stuff in the mail, including the Alvarez A&G mini for you soon. If you find something to send back my way, I'll always accept it and be very thankful, but we are squared up after this next bubbler hits your snailbox. If nothing else, I may still owe you!!

Thanks for joining me on this fun little journey,
Have an AWESOME weekend, I know I will,

P.P.S. - the other package is from My Cardboard Mistress, and I'll post about it later, thank God there's no blog trade deadline!!
OK - now we're actually done, you can quit reading anytime.


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The Lost Collector said...

Nice success! Congrats and welcome to TTMing.