Friday, August 5, 2011

What time is it?

What time is it? Contest winnings time!

a while back, Justin, from over in Just-in-Justin's World, held a very simple trivia type contest. I entered, answered every question, received all the bonus entries, and won!! Heck, I didn't even get all the answers right, but he said that every question answered would get an entry!! He was not kidding, and a short time later (very short as this post is very, very late!!) I open my snailbox and out pops the following:


just kidding, couldn't resist, really!!

no he sent me these:

that Nathan card is too cool for words, a very nice addition to my Twins binder, indeed. And that Rays Red Sox relic is a nice addition to that binder as well. If anybody is interested in the Clippers Basketball card, let me know, or else it will end up over on my trade bait page.

thanks for reading, and thanks for the contest Justin.

Have a GReat weekend!



P.S. Justin, the Alvarez is yours, I will try and get a small package together over the weekend. you don't owe me anything in return (for the Alvarez or the Bunning), see tomorrow's post...

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