Friday, August 19, 2011

Definitely the oldest card in my collection...

A little while back, Plaschke had a sweater, or was it a trade deal, or maybe it was a little lamb... no it was definitely a contest, of sorts...

Now, I had to promise my first born away for entry into this super-secret contest, no, wait a minute, maybe that was my wedding day??

Truth be known, I don't remember half the details from a quarter of the contests that I enter! Mostly, I read, I follow, I pimp, and on occasion, I win.

That was the case here, I think?

Anywhoo, there were bonus entries awarded, comments left, and maybe a voodoo ritual mixed in there somehere along the way, that's what I get for not paying attention last month!!

Well, I wasn't exactly the big winner in this contest, but I did come in second, which meant I got the first choice in the second round, plus the leftovers from Wes' decisions.

And then, I promptly forgot all about it!

Late last week, or maybe it was early this week, hell, I'm working so much right now, it could have been early last month, no, the contest was early last month, I think...

Any how, I get an envelope in the mail from Plaschke and begin wondering... Did I make a trade offer? Have I sent something out to him? Do I need to send something out to him??

NO, it is contest winnings from the afore mentioned festivities!!

Yay!! I now have cards in my posession that are WAAAAYYYY older than I am, and probably still in better shape!!

Let's take a look, shall we:
First up:

a 2010 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hockey Rookie On-Card Auto from Brian Salcido, from the ducks

No, I was not born yesterday, fooled you!!

He also sent along a very nice assortment of cards for my various PCs, including some Mauers, some Orioles, a National, and a Phillie or two!!

The main prize, and as mentioned earlier, the oldest cards in my collection by far:

a Leaf 1949 Frank Overmire, a true conesuers card, lovingly held and passed around en mass:

and a 1911 Players Cigarettes Speaker of the House of Commons, which is in almost as good of shape as the '49!

Thanks for the contest there Plaschke,
Awesome fun times!!
Have a GReat weekend!

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Greg Zakwin said...

Thanks for playing db! Congrats on the win!