Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011 Allen & Ginter, pack 3

The last of my 2011 A&G, for now:
now, the Hamels (plus the Halladay from yesterday) almost make up for the  inconsistencies and "hard feelings", but then we get to the Hometown Heroes Upton (never thought I'd see my hometown on a BB card!)

a Hometown Hero... from a Rival high school!

and the "black" border? mini:

(is this a black border?)

Not sure what to make of this one? It's a parallel mini, but a Pirate?
Oh well, overall, I guess not bad, but not necessarily GReat either.
Will I buy more? Probably, but maybe a different source.

Oh, and most of these are available for trade, I'm not going after a  set, just select cards, mainly Phils and my other PCs. The Ascent card is spoken for already, as will the Upton if I don't keep it. The Giants card is currently headed for an "in-progress" trade as well.

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!


Spankee said...

Chesapeake in da house!

cubsfan731 said...

I'll take the Alvarez mini. I'm sure I can rustle up something for you.