Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Contest standings, It's all about the 7s, or is it the 17s??

The shprinkling continues… a few more bonus' have popped up around the postings… Anywhoo, a few of you are only a comment or 3 away from an extra entry (or two).
I have the standings as follows:

The Lost Collector                             (x6)

No One's Going to Read This Blog   (x1) (Still unaware!)
My Cardboard Mistress                     (x3)
            (Spankee is holding in at 3 entries)
Play at the Plate                                 (x5)
Smed's Baseball Card Blog               (x1)
Justin's World                                    (x5)
Plaschke, Thy Sweater Is Argyle       (x10)
           (I’ll trade you an extra entry for your F5 key…)
Ba Benny's Baseball Card Buffet      (x6)
Sports Syzygy                                    (x1)
This Card Is Cool                              (x1)
Domestic Diva                                   (x1)

The Daily Dimwit                              (x4)

The Other World                                (x1)
Spastikmoos                                       (x7)

If I've missed someone's entry, and email or something, please comment and let me know. So far, it's been fun, and there may be a few more surprise entries available before the 16th. If you have not entered yet, what are you waiting for??? Start here.

I am going to close out all bonus entries at 3pm here on the east coast. Then finalize & randomize tomorrow morning. Justin and Benny are missing 1 time entry. PATP, Plaschke, The Lost Collector, and Spastikmoos submitted all 7, good job. Everybody else should look back at the birthday bonus entry and give it a try.

There you go GReg, you are definitely on the right track now.
Wow, so far, Spastikmoose is in the ballpark on time, most of the rest of you guys are still sleeping in way late!!

Thanks for peeking in,
Have a GReat day!!


The Lost Collector said...

Have you ever seen "Se7en" starring Brad Pitt? Good movie. Highly recommend.

SpastikMooss said...

I wonder if I'll get enough comments for another entry by 3pm?

dawgbones said...

yes you will Mooss, (or did?)...

BA Benny said...

Not sure if I'm on time but I will say 3:07 am for my missing time entry.
As far as sevens go, I too have a connection. I was born on 7/7, my kids were born on 5/7 and 12/7 while my wedding was on 11/7. Even one of my dogs (Booda)was born on 3/7. At one point my baseball number was 7 (which was luck of the draw and the jersey fit) and my favorite Nascar driver (Michael Waltrip) drove car #7 for a few seasons.