Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Topps 2007 10-pack...

So, last week I read in Spankee's blog where he picked up a discount multi-sport pack of cards for cheap cheap at the local K-Mart here by work. I decided to look at the Kmarts closer to home and see if I could find any others. I had no luck with those, but I did come across a discounted blaster box of 2007 Topps Updates and Highlights. Being the lonely box on the shelf, I figured, what the hell, it's only $6 for 10 packs of cards plus 1 "hot" pack of 3. I did find several others on another shelf, but decided to stick with my first find. I may go back by there and pick up a second one later this week.

The next several posts will be dedicated to this find, so without further adiue:

Pack 1
Placido Polanco
Classic Combo: Crawford/Guillen
Home Run History - Barry Bonds
Jesus Flores
Russell Branyan
Ubaldo Jiminez

Not a bad start.
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