Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Group break...

Dan, over at The Other World, is hosting a group break of the following:

2002 Topps Total-David Wright and Joe Mauer rookies
2003 Topps Gallery Museum Edition-2 relics per box and one coin collection boxtopper
2005 Upper Deck Classics (all retired player checklist)-2 relics and one auto per box
2008 Upper Deck Heroes-3 relics and one auto per box
2009 Topps T206-one auto and one relic per box

There should be 11 hits from these five boxes, and by my reckoning, the 3 slots left have a choice of the following five group A teams (2 participants chose teams from group B):

White Sox

You also get a second team in the break, so, if you are a fan of one of these teams, go on over and jump in, it should be a GReat break!

Have a GReat day!

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