Sunday, March 20, 2011

Traded "Bait"...

So, quite a few of us are becoming acquainted with Michael, the author of one of the newest blogs on the block, Nomo's Sushi Platter, not wanting to be left out of the fun, I packed up a few cards and a fathead or three and sent them off to him. Though I was not his first trade, I did end up being his first trade post on the platter, you can read about his side of the trade here.
Well, I received a rather nice bubble mailer on Friday, full of cards for my other, Non-Phillie PCs. He included several Phillies as well, but they were not the highlight of this trade. Perhaps the highlight of this trade is my first Arizona PC "hit", a very nice Piedmont Daniel Schlereth Rookie Auto.
I knew that one was coming as it was part of the "bait" email, but I did not know that the Manny relic was joining this little trade, what a nice little bonus surprise!!

He sent along a very nice selection of Twins, chromed D-Backs, a Yankee or two (several actually), several gold parallels, plus a wild assortment of cards to fit just about every one of my categories. He even hit a double, sending me a Mantle that fits both the Yankees and #7 PC. I have a feeling that Spankee may try for the Uptons in this trade, but we'll see...

Overall, a very nice trade from a pretty cool blogger, even if he's new to the game (Hey, ain't we all??)

Thanks for the trade Michael, I do enjoy each trade that I make. I still find it amazing that almost total strangers out there are willing to send me cards that they think I'll like, just to see if that happens. It feels like Christmas morning every time I open the snailbox and see a brown bubbler in there.

I'm still looking for the previous owner of this card at the bottom of this post.
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat week!


Spankee said...

I've got a package to send your way soon. I know you've sent me those UD X cards a while back, but if you feel like parting with those Uptons, and maybe the Reynolds refractor, I'd be down with that.

Spiegel83 said...

Glad that you enjoyed the cards that I sent. I tried to give you a nice variety of all the teams that you collect. We'll trade again real soon.