Thursday, March 17, 2011

Final Standings and sources...

OK, so this has been a total blast. You guys rock!! I love the comments that I receive for the musings I throw out there. I read each and every one of them, and they have been the source of several of the bonus entries in this contest. (more on that below)

When Jorden from CSN first contacted me about this opportunity, he mentioned that the gift code would be a nice reward for my readers. When most of these contests are started, there is the usual "follow me", "pimp this on your blog" etc... I decided to take a different approach, at least for my first contest. I wanted to leave this one for my regular readers and followers. I gladly accepted any entries, and have picked up at least one new follower this week, but wanted this contest to be about the people that have been there from the start, or have decided to permanently join in on my little journey.

That being said, let's talk qualifiers:
1. Leaving a comment on the Unfinished Business post. - 13 folks got this one
2. Round 2 of Phungo's STS contest. Kind of easy, it was ME!! - 4 folks got this one

The next bonuses went back to commenting, I went back through all of my posts and started counting comments.

3. The 7th commenter picked up a bonus entry. - Jeremy's sole entry. (and he's still unaware!)
4. The 7th different commenter picked up a bonus entry. - Spankee
5. Same for the 17th comment. - Play at the Plate
6. And the 17th different commenter. - Smed's sole entry. (but he found out)
7. Anyone who left 7 comments on my blog. - 9 bonuses picked up here, including an entry for Flywheels who just squeaked in with his 7th comment on my Goodwynn’s rant, er.. I mean post.
8. Anyone who left 17 comments on my blog. - 4 bonuses picked up on this one.
Greg blew past this one early, but Spaskitmooss and The Lost Collector actually caught on to this one!

Now for the Bonus questions:

9. The birthday bonus round. My birthday is January 3rd, 1968. I blogged about it on My 43rd 3rd post. - 4 of you got this one.
10. Birthday bonus, part 2.What day of the week was it? There were two acceptable answers here.
January 3rd, 1968 was a Wednesday. January 3rd, 2011 was a Monday. - 3 people got this one. Spastikmoos got the date but never gave the day.
11. Birthday bonus, part 3a. Tricky. Anyone that left a comment on that post got one entry! 5 people got this one (I only counted the first comment).
12. Birthday bonus, part 3b, Spastikmoos gets the double bonus with his first time of 2:22. I converted all times to am as I stated in the post that I was born in the morning. After double checking last night with the source for accuracy. My mother states that I was born after only 2 hours of labor, at 2:20am.
Not bad Mooss,  two minutes off for 2 more entries.
13. Three of you got Piper's Relic bonus question by looking at the bottom of my blog page.

Here is where the 7s and 17s really kicked in:

14. The Birthday bonus, part 3c, those of you that left the 7 time comments picked up the "7 comments on my blog" bonus here.
Bonuses were also available for:

15. The 7th comment on any post.
16. The 14th comment on any post. (2x7)(only one post went beyond the 7 comments bonus)
17. the 17th comment on any post, the 21st comment on any post. (3x7...), The 28th comment on any post, The 34th and 35th. (2x17,5x7), and the last one here was picked up by the 42nd comment.
18. The final bonus question was good for two entries.
Where did my 7 & 17 category come from?
A quick search for "players who wear the #7" would lead to this post. Seven was my first dog.
Sorry Greg, Mr. Mantle is probably the most famous person to wear the #7 jersey but my affinity for him stems from her.
The 17 was a bit tricky, but by eliminating the "7" from the picture, and my "Spankee's only had one of these", combined with a search for Spankee would lead to this post. And by deduction, Spankee's 1st anniversary combined with the fact that there had only been two 17th's of the month until today, leading to January or February 17, going to either day's posts, should lead to here.
Spastikmooss earned his final 2 entries with those correct answers.

So, with a surprise entry from newcomer Liz last evening (Sorry BA, bonus entries cut off at 3pm, but I did not cut off the original way to enter), I have 16 people  that have earned 66 entries for the CSN gift code, tabulated as follows:
Total #
Justin's World (cubsfan731)
BA Benny
No One's Going to Read this Blog (Jermemy)
My Cardboard Mistress (Spankee)
Play at the Plate
Plaschke (Greg Z.)
Smed's Baseball Card Blog
The Daily Dimwit
Flywheels (Colby)
The Lost Collector (A.J.)
Sports Syzygy (Offy)
This Card Is Cool (Ryan G.)
Domestic Diva
The Other World (Dan)
Spastikmoose (Tim D.)

And the winner is:

Original List of 66 Entries

Randomization #1
Randomization #2
Randomization #3
Randomization #4

Randomization #5
Randomization #6 

the moment you've all been patiently waiting for:
Randomization #7
With only her original entry (with the comment “I just have to say, I like the randomizing 7 times and then choosing #7.” Is just too neat!), Domestic Diva is my first contest winner. Congratulations, I will email your gift code to you shortly.

Thanks everyone, for participating and making my first contest a GReat success,
Have a GReat St. Paddy’s day,
Thanks for reading,


SpastikMooss said...

Whoa, that's lucky! Way to go diva! And thanks for a fun contest!

BA Benny said...

Sure, the only time I don't want to be on top of the list and of course I am. Congrats to the winner and Thanks for quite the entertaining contest.