Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sometimes, snide remarks are rewarded!

Whilst perusing some of my new found blogger's, well, blogs, I came across an interesting post from Eric L. over at Manupatches & Chrome Scratches. He was giving us his opinions on he 2011 Topps set. As there are no Hochevar cards in the new set, he's holding out for Series 2. This also means that the series 1's were up for grabs. After a quick, snide remark on my part, I quickly claimed the Phillies from the pack break.
My efforts showed up in Monday's mail.

The original 3 Phillies cards I asked for (Msrs Polanco, Werth, and the Mini-Halladay) must have stopped off somewhere on the way, as them and 9 of their little cardboard friends showed up at my place. Hey, that'd be a neat name for a blog, " My Little Cardboard Friends!" (feel free to use it, but please let me know if you do)

The Topps 206 cards are nice, the Donruss Extra Edition cards are a first for me, and I think Mr. Howard is thinking of hitting something other than a baseball in this mini-picture!!

anywhoo, that's about it for this post,
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SpastikMooss said...

I love when that happens! I once came across a guy's post complaining about how he hated getting scrubs like Tyronn Lue in uncirculated cases. Since I collect Tyronn Lue, I emailed him and we ended up working out a trade. The card? A gorgeous Xfractor /99!