Friday, March 4, 2011

No One's Going to Read this Post...

Last week, while reading through my blog lists, I ran across a Trade bait post by Jeremy, over at No One's going to Read this Blog. Chiming in late to the party, I  threw my own twist into the mix. I wanted the Jamie Moyer bedazzled card that Play at the Plate had laid claim to. Through good fortunes and much generosity on both Jeremy's and Brian's part, I was able to strike a deal to send them both cards from their want lists in exchange for having Mr. Moyer re-directed my way.
Jeremy's package showed up this week, and Mr. Moyer brought a few of his little cardboard friends with him. (I still think that would make a great blog name)

He sent me almost an entire game's line-up, only lacking a catcher and 1 outfielder!! He even included my favorite closer, Mr. Lidge!!

Perhaps the highlite of this trade has got to be the '09 A&G Moyer card. I only wish he'd sent this package earlier!! I would have loved to send this card to Jamie for my TTM. That's all right though, if my attempt proves successful, I plan on sending a baseball to him next, and I will include this card when I send the next package.

I hope to get some packages in the mail by Saturday 3/5, including a return package to Jeremy, and the promised cars to PATP. Thanks guys, I appreciate the good will!

thanks for reading,
have a GReat day.


Jeremy said...

I'm glad you liked the cards! I really like the A&G Moyer card too, it reminds me of a dramatic super hero pose that you might see in a Marvel comic. It would also look good for an autograph.

Play at the Plate said...

I read it. Jeremy is a great guy and trader.